I kind of tried to write this a different way than I usually do. I wanted to make each line flow into each other, but have it so that you could start at any point as well. (Hope that makes sense.) I plan on revising over the next while, but wanted to get some immediate feedback. c4c?

note: apparently the most used word of the song is vulgar. So wherever you see *****, I'll give you some hints as to what it really is. 1) It rhymes with door. 2) It starts with a 'w' and ends with 'hore'.

***** yourself away,
I'm not getting lost,
In the second place prize,
of moments we never chose

In the first place, I,
still see you everywhere,
heading for the shore,
I hope it looks like I am too

But I'm not (x4)

***** yourself away tonight,
stain more than your bed,
that you've grown so lonely in.
I just need to get you out
of these damned oak walls,
I'll walk away, and I swear to say
You've made this easy

But its not (x4)

Just ***** yourself away
dissuade your mind
Echoing ideas and thoughts,
you once called doubts

And ask yourself
"Where am I again?"

Cause' I'm gone (x4)

Please ***** yourself away,
you've nothing to explain
Keep lying to yourself, and do it again,
To this same hell you've been living in

And I know you will (x4)
"Tuning... who the f*** needs tuning?!"