Hey guys I've got a problem.

Im wiring a my first Home Made Guitar. I bought a wiring kit of Stewmac.com. I'll post pics tomorrow (hopefully). if not i will soon so hang in there! BTW eres the link to the wiring diagram:


look under instructions to see it!

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I see the link but what is your question?

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i will post pics but the wiring in my guitar that i built is not working (when i plug it in it wont work). i will post pics soon. i was wondering if any1 new what was wrong
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we cant just tell you what is wrong with it by you saying it doesnt work.

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why not just wait to post this until you get pics? we cant just tell you what is wrong with it by you saying it doesnt work.

Ya i no i was but people started posting
you have no lead wires, at all...

on the 3way switch, did you bend the middle two lugs out and combine them with the outer two lugs? im trying to see whats going on there...

let me draw up something using your colors above so you can see how to wire it
ok first things.
- the middle two tabs on the switch needed to be bent inward and together, so you have single lugs on the outside, and the middle two together as one in the middle.
- normally, the braided bare wire from the pickups is ground, so put that where you currently have the white wires from the pickups. then move the white wires to the outer lugs.
- the new middle lug on the switch (not the ground that you already have) goes to the middle lug of your volume pot
- the capacitor generally just goes to the back of the tone pot from the middle lug
- run a wire from the back of the tone to the back of the volume

see my picture below. green means bare wire from pickup, gray from the pickups mean white, and the gray to the output is your clear wire. the brown wire i added to ground tone to volume

your way of doing the tone works too. but you should still add the brown wire
Thanks bro!! ill give it a try. ill tell u how it comes out!! btw tell me how the actuall guitar is looking. its my first one and the neck is in progress.

I made it. I couldn't say i built it if the body was pre made.
btw join my group called guitar building