I have an SR506 and it's amazing, I know the Gios are like budget versions though but if it's japanese/indonesian made it can't be too bad. Trying one is the only way to know for sure though.

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yeah i want that bass , but currently don't have the cash for it but i could save up for one , just wondering how the gio version of it is though , since i currently have a gio 4 string and i think it's pretty good .

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I'd search some reviews, rondo also has some extended scale basses for cheap. But if you seriously want it, I'd save for the better one, you'd be happier longer
Its pretty good for a budget bass, Ibby GSR's generally are. I'd suggest looking for something used though, Ibanez SR's don't hold their value too well on the used market, so you could probably find an SR 406 or 506 somewhere for cheap.
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