La dispute
Touche Amore
Pianos become teeth
Victor! fix the son
Every time i die
the saddest landscape
Your demise
Pretty much the unpopular hardcore not what people call hardcore today like asking alexandria and stuff. kind of 90s oriented with more punk roots.
i also like stuff like
Black flag
minor threat
and circle jerks.
I know i pretty much need alot of distortion but i do not know if i should get a more metal oriented guitar like a dean or schecter or get something that can be tuned higher like epiphone's or something.
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whatever guitar plugs into a sweet 100watt high gain amp.
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Focus more on your amp than your guitar for tone. Not saying that your guitar plays zero part in that, but it's probably around 15-20% of it.
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greg ginn from black flag is famous for using a dan armstrong plexiglass guitar, which usually go for around 1400 unfortunately

for minor threat, lyle preslar used a les paul into a marshall.

really anything works for punk. a higher gain amp/pedal is more important
I'm going to agree with everyone else, it seems like for punk guitar really doesn't matter. I play a lot of hardcore and other styles of punk with a thinline telecaster but I can also get tones that I like out of an ibanez. It's almost like there's no tone that won't work. Greg Ginn played a plastic guitar into a solid state amp, Lyle Preslar used a les paul with a tube marshall as mentioned above and although they aren't on your list I'll mention them just to prove my point about any tone working, East Bay Ray from the Dead Kennedys used fender guitars and amps with a lot of reverb and delay.
Look them up yourself? Wikipedia is your friend.
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