I was just wondering if anyone had any "out of place" or very unique things about their guitars.

For example, I bought a Jackson JS330RR once which is typically made of basswood and maple I think, and it turned out that it was made out of some really expensive mahogany and I didn't realize it even had an ebony fretboard. (Pickups still sucked balls though)

Another time I was in a Guitar Center and I saw an ESP LTD EC-50 that said EC-1000 on the 12th fret.

I've seen wierd V's Les pauls, and just down to the simple misprint of Ibnaez on a tube screamer.

Anybody else have any oddball guitars?
my American Special Tele has an insanely flamed neck, it truly looks like it should be on a custom shop.

also, I've got a BC Rich Gunslinger that is unique in my experience, looks a lot like the ones made now but says Made In USA and has different electronics

and not odd but different, metal-body 1939 resonator
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I have made in China Squier P-bass that has an awesomed flamed maple neck on it that is actually super comfy. Bought it for $100 even
my friends Epi 7 string V says gibson on the TRC and only says epi on the back of the tuners.

but it plays great and hold tunes great
these are pretty cool and different looking but at the same time keep a kinda traditional feel

I love weird guitars. I've got this one handbuilt guitar from the 1950's that was built by some old bluesman, and later belong to Joe Cocker. It looks kind of like a supro duo jet, or the Richie Valens-style Harmony, but it doesn't have any paint, and it's a thru neck, and the whole guitar may possibly be one piece of wood.

I've also got an old Aria Diamond 1832t from the seventies that had had the knobs all changed, and a humbucker added, but in a way so that it only works if you have one of the original single coils on.

I also have this white classical Aria that has all the tuners changed except for one.

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I've got a few unusuals. A mahogany strat, a 9 string cigar box guitar.

I have a few one off weirdos that are mass produced but something is different too.
I have an all maple (with regular rosewood fingerboard) Ibanez SR 305 DX and a Schecter Stiletto Custom-4 with an Ebony fretboard instead of the normal Rosewood.
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