I Started Writing This Love Letter, All I Got Were These ****ty Lines

I don't have the patience
I don't care about the time
While I give him what he deserves
I'll take everything that's mine.

I don't have the patience
For the slow long death this deserves
I'd rather pull it quickly
Time out in my own world.

No dear I haven't finished this yet.
I won't swallow this pill and forget.
You cry but you still cheat.
Love, are you still so worried?
Love, can you stomach anything you eat?

You lie beside ghosts in your bed.
Company isn't enough for a tormented head.

Wipe the vomit from your mouth.
Wait for the tears to run off your face.
Remove what's left of the make-up,
go back to that dinner table and retrace.

Shock horror. Pupils wide.
Another wishing well full
'cos we're shit out of luck.
How hard can it be?
You probably turned him into stone.
Those eyes could force anyone to be alone.

Scribbled lines. Varsity letters.
Every one of us: we all know better.
Feel the hand around you tighten.
Your trembling voice sounds frightened
Save it for the precious future, dear.

The stress it crawls in swarms upon my scalp
You point the finger while I'm crying out for help.
I don't want it. You'll approve my thought.
If consistency is your key. Re-evaluate the lock.
Your constant in-agreement, a mental head block.

Will I find anything in your words?
A shallow breath, a mumbled final curse.
Mathematics doesn't even understand.
How this just got 1 million times worse.

Thanks to anyone who read.
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