Ii will eat my poo if someone manages to make this sound decent.


I tried all the ****in amp sims, i know, nothing worked. Shitty tone every time. Please, make me eat my poop and get it working. DI is high quality low noise buffer into audio interface, so should be a good starting point.
There's really not much wrong with it, I managed to get a decent sound in podfarm in less than 5 minutes with a Cali Diamonplate, Treadplate cab and a Condenser mic. I would recommend not grouping double tracking into Stereo Wav files though because it means you' have to EQ and treat both sides exactly the same way. Which reduces the stereo effect somewhat.
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Playing could be a bit tighter (as in, less ringing when muting/not letting pick rest back back on strings creating high-pitched resonation) but not bad and quite workable... I guess it just lacks a sense of emotion without the rest of the music

Soundcloud link.

Simply ran into LePou's LE456, into Catharsis Studio 's-preshigh' IR (ran in Logic's Space Designer conv. reverb plug-in), followed by a noise gate to try and cut some of the ringing/resonance, and lastly BBE Sonic Maximiser to add a bit of presence/punch.

Chain can be seen in this pic (Space Designer excluded as it's just the IR):

Seeing as you're playing One, I just tried to mimic the classic Metallica sound - and you didn't really say you were after a specific tone anyway

Edit: Looking forward to what others do, if some Odirunn, FireHawk etc. come in here, as I'm not as comgortable with amp sims compared to recorded amp tones, whereas I believe some of the guys here are 100% amp sim users.
Hey, look. Sigs are back.
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Well, I think I can safely say that's the first time my mixing/audio engineering has ever made someone eat their own poop...

On a sidenote, I sincerely hope you're either joking or off to see a psychiatrist soon
Hey, look. Sigs are back.
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well yeah.. i used the same setup(no noise gat but dont thing its so important) but didnt sound as good.. any ideas whats wrong(ignore izotope i used kefir instead during export)
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Well, the main thing I noticed is that your version of the Sonic Maximiser has a different output level calibration... 12 o'clock for me is 0dB output gain, whereas for you that same level would be max (roughly 5 o'clock). That made yours much quieter, and when things are quieter they often don't appear to sound as good when compared to something louder (hence the whole 'loudness wars' saga in modern mastering).

Other than that, there were a few tiny differences between your settings and mine (apologies for the small resolution of mine - my Mac is a larger screen than most monitors I guess, and photobucket doesn't like things beyond a certain size so resizes it ) so I'll just post the settings...

LE456: Drive=5.5/12:30, Low=2.75/9:45, Mid=4.5/11:30, High=6.5/1:30, Contour=3.5/10:30 then Output doesn't affect the tone so much.

Sonic Maximizer: Lo Contour=0.6, Process=3.3, Output=0dB

Aside from that, I think any changes are most likely in your version of the Sonic Maximizer compared to my one (as I know the LE456 port to Mac had no known changes aside from including the new skin made by a guy on ultimate-metal.com) and perhaps as you used one of the other impulses from the Fredman pack Ryan/Catharsis made.

Just experiment with it though - I got that after only a couple minutes of playing around, as I'm not really as good with amp sims as many people on here/on the Sneap forum, but I did have a rough idea in my head of what I was going for and how to get it, if that helps? Wanted the classic 'tallica sound, and knew that a quite bright sound with some mids scooped on the amp would sound like that, and adding the maximizer brought out the scoop a bit more/increased the presence.
Hey, look. Sigs are back.
I am gonna throw this in an amp sim tomorrow...I am right now supposedly studying for a big exam...i haven't been around the recording forum recently so hadn't seen this yet...

When going for a heavyier sound I like running threw the LePou SoloC

...also how the heck did I not have the LE456...I thought I downloaded all those plugins...

EDIT: I did this at super low volume at 1 A.M. really quick so I don't know exactly how well it sounds...I may look at it tomorrow...

http://soundcloud.com/jstorie/eat-poo-thing <- Audio

http://dl.dropbox.com/u/13941876/eatpoo%20thing.jpg <-Pic of Plugins

I went for a little more mid crunch distortion, but it might be to crunchy...you can never tell until you got a full band behind it and this tone sounds great on my bands new track I am working on (although those guitars are layered and have bass under neath them) so I just ported it over to this audio file.
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