Hey guys.

I'm looking for a perfect flamed top guitar but am really unsure what to get. I want the tuning/intonation as stable as possible, so something with a long scale possibly fixed bridge? $300 max.

I play rock/metal along the lines of Opeth, Tool, Katatonia, Gordian Knot, Slipknot, etc.. Here's the guitar I've come up with so far, what would you go with? Any other ideas?
for $300 you're gonna have to go used, and you can just check your craiglist/ebay or whatever for that. Maybe an Agile-2000 would work, but that's about it.

my RGA42 has a sweet flamed maple top, but it was like $500 dollars new.

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A while ago I had an ESP LTD M100FM which was modded with EMGs. That was quite a nice guitar, and a very nice flame maple finish for the fact that it is fairly low-end. I got mine in a trade though, don't really know what they're worth. You could maybe get one if you found it used? But definitely worth looking at imo.
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I have an Epiphone Special 2 with flame top. Its bone stock and sounds AMAZING. For less than $300 and a little tuning its a great guitar.