Hi people! I hope you are doing fine!

This a collaboration that i did with a youtube friend =P
She is very talented x)

Here you go the link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L7LibFmJOd4

Vocals: MakingTheMetalBand
Guitars: DeadOnNight
Bass & Drums: Synthesizers
Instruments Mix: DeadOnNight
Video Edit: MakingTheMetalBand

If you can, it would be nice to see comments on youtube!
Leave your links below and i'll coment them x)
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Thanks for your comments on my Iron Maiden cover, man! Glad you liked it I watched your Bewitched cover, which was great, but since I don't know the original, I thought it might be better if I chose another of your uploads. So here's my comments for your "She-wolf" (Megadeth) cover...

Amazing! Played to perfection - and great sound too. You are obviously talented on the guitar, so the only thing I would consider doing (if i was you) was to improvise a little more over the song - maybe something a bit like this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VpvQf-c5mLA - i'm 100% sure you could do that and that would make the experience a little "catchier" to me, because otherwise it might just be a cool guy playing something great really close to the original... Solo part was brilliant btw., but the verses (to me) tend to get a little predictable if you don't change it up a bit Still, GREAT job, dude!
Hey, thanks for your comment!

Well, if I need to be honest, this was really impressive! I think everything sounds just flawless, without any errors and mistakes. The tone fits perfectly to the song and my admiration for the whole work on this video, because it seems to be very professional. The vocals are also great, althouth its not an everyday experience to see a Candlemass cover with female vocals. I like it. Really. Keep going!
Really nice tone. The song was very dark and depressing in the good way. Overall it was really good. I have also never heard the original but I'm sure this is a good take on it. Only suggestion I could give is to turn up the bass drum a little in the mix. Would help greatly with the power of the drums.
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Hey, that actually sounds pretty good. Good job.
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Hey, thanks for commenting on my thread

As for the cover - It's awesome! I was not expecting much, but it blew me away from the beginning Also, her voice reminds me of Cristina Scabbia...
Great playing, recording, nice tone, I just did not liked the sound of the drums a bit, but it's still great
Sounds really good dude. I actually laughed at the "I'm not blind" thing. The guitar sounds great, the drums work and of course the vocals are really good. Nice job man
Really nice work mate, your tone is really really good, and all the Fx on the vocals suits perfectly the ambience of the song Well done !
its all good except this mix of the vocals isn't perfect, it doesnt blend in great..

but she's a good singer, definitely looks better than messiah..