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Gilmour's lead in "Mother"
Eric Johnson's 2nd solo in "Lonely in the Night"
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My favorite metal solos:

A Fair Judgement by Opeth -
The best solo starts around 6:16 or so. It's not all that difficult to play, but it is just SO SATISFYING to crank out each note.

The River Dragon Had Come by Nevermore -
It's actually very slow for Jeff, compared to his normal stuff, but it's another example of more soul with less notes. (less notes with Jeff still needs NASA to compute it all)

My favorite Classic Rock solos:

On the Turning Away by Pink Floyd-
No explanation required

Subdivisions by Rush-
Another example of less notes, more soul
-Comfortably Numb solo
-deep purple - highway star (from the made in japan cd)
Sweet Child o' mine- guns n' roses
Back in Black- ACDC
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funkadelic - maggot brain
led zeppelin - since ive been loving you
1.) led zeppelin - dazed and confused (live 1975 earls court 5/25/75)
2.) david gilmour- comfortably numb
Comfortably Numb
Live Stairway to Heaven. I think my favorite one is on How The West Was Won but I'm not sure right now.
Apologies for not being as specific as the title wants, but any solo by David Gilmour. I love that man and everything he does. (Yea I can kind of be a creep lol)

Most notably, though: Comfortably Numb from The Wall, and Sorrow from A Momentary Lapse of Reason. Both very successful at evoking emotions. At least they are for me.
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FreeBird-Lynyrd Skynyrd
Civil War-Guns n Roses.
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Outro solo in November Rain by GNR and Color Me Once by The Violent Femmes
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I know this sounds weird but I picked two solos that have their own unique sound, I did not pick the most technical solos on the planet due to the fact that technical doesnt make your song good all the time.

AC/DC- Let there Be Rock
Led Zeppelin- Stairway to Heaven
Hmm.... Good Question

Jimmy Page- Since I've Been Loving You
Mark Knopfler- Sultans of Swing
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Lets get this straight: Hendrix, Page, Clapton, Beck, Kossoff
bring it on home - led zeppelin live at the royal albert hall
comfortably numb - pink floyd
Def Leppard-Die hard the hunter
Ratt :Im Insane
Just cause Im in the 80s mood right now.
I have many more and probably better faves but I am a burnout and these are the first two that came up.
What the hell!!!
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My favorite is.
Poison.. Every Rose
Skid Row.. 18 and Life

good picks!!! bravo
I'd have to go with:

Don't cry -guns n roses
mamma i'm coming home -ozzy
The first solo is Skid Row - Quicksand Jesus, it's not too difficult but pleasant for ears and soul, and the second one is W.a.s.p. - Tear down the walls, it touches something in my mind
So Far Away by Avenged Sevenfold because its almost as if you can hear the emotionscoming through in the solo
And Invincible by Muse because it has a crazy sound to it and is unique
Seven Nation Army (The White Stripes) : Such a simple solo yet sounds so powerful when played over the chorus riff.

Suck My Kiss (RHCP) : Shouldn't work as a guitar solo. In a typical RHCP fashion, it breaks the norms and kicks arse.
Whole Lotta Love - Jimmy Page,Skid Row.. 18 and Life are my top solos. these are the very famous and nice solos. These two solos are my favourite solo.
Number 1 for me is Van Halen's solo in Michael Jackson's "Beat It".

Number 2 is a harder choice. I think I'm going to go with Comfortably Numb.
The version on my Pulse DVD is awesome, especially with the display they put on too. I think if I could attend any live show from the past, it would be that one.
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