Hey y'all!

Been looking at different kinds of pickups for a while, and I think I'm gonna go with the Lundgren M7. Sure, it's expensive, but I think it'll do me just fine, despite the fact no djent shall be played :P.

What I'm wondering is, do any of you know if it'll even fit my guitar?

I have an Ibanez S7320 (ZR bridge), and from what I understand from a friend of mine (and most of the internet) is that guitars with tremolos usually need trembuckers instead of regular humbuckers.

However, this applies to 6-string guitars, and seeing as mine is a 7-string, I'm not sure if it still applies due to the spacing being different to begin with. Googled around for a bit, but couldn't find any specifics. Not specific enough, anyway.

If any of you could help me with this it'd be much appreciated!
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The different spacing on trembuckers is imo largely aesthetic. It doesn't really affect the sound a whole lot. I doubt you'll have any problems with it.