Hey guys, i've put up some very experimental music over the past two months, but hadnt gotten a chance to post them up here. I'm using only guitars and my Line 6 HD500 using Audacity to record. My recording/mixing skills aren't that great so please try to keep that in mind.

Please let me know what you think of these songs and whatever improvement i can make. If you review my music, I will review yours. I promise :B
Here is the link to my music (two songs):


Thanks for your comment. Yes, my song it's rather progressive rock, but post rock is more catchy term.

So here it is my comment about your music (sorry for my bad language, I'm from Poland )
First I took Architecture in Leningrad. Wow I couldn't believe there are only guitars in it. Yes it's very experimental. For me it's more some sort of soundtrack to a film than normal song for the radio. Very chillout music. One thing that would be better is that guitars in the second part of this song are too agressive tone for me, maybe little lighter guitars would be better, but it's only my personal opinion.

Second one May A Hundred Flowers Bloom, very good sounding of underwater rhytm guitar and great lead for this piece. There are some annoying hiss and clicks, but it's great.
You have great understanding of harmony. 1:42 this part is for me too laud. In 2:40 this motive is very odd, but pleasure, also some parts are to loud to the overall. There are some pops and hisses that you could erase to make better effect. Rhytm clean guitar in 4:20 I think is little out of tune, but maybe I'm deaf.
Great leads around 5:00. Again guitar in 5:12 is too loud. Again some annoying hiss around 6:00. End of this song is way, way too laud, but good.

I'm impressed by your music. It's very beautiful.
But I think if you do something with hiss, clicking and volume of each tracks it wil be better.
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Thanks for the critique.

May A Hundred Flowers Bloom... has an excellent beginning, it could be an intro to and album or something. At 2.22 the shift into another riff, it's awesome! Beautiful leads, and all played perfectly to the track. Awesome use of effects, it sort of sounds like a reverse phaser or something. Again great soloing, all of this has a happy feel to it man. The end wraps it up nicely too.
'100 Flowers': I'm not sure if the timing is "correct" or intentionally a bit chaotic. I recommend getting some drum software (EZDrummer is good for the price). If I look at it as being trippy & bizarre, it is interesting music with some unique guitar tones. At ~6:00 (& elsewhere) the lead guitar is clipping. Keep at it! Please review my music (it is unusual also) at this link:

"May A Hundred Flowers Bloom":
Beautiful track, but I would pan those guitars. It's hard to hear the lines when the intro is all set straight into the middle of the mix. I like the melodies you've got going on. Good tones. Playing is a bit sloppy, but I like it. I would pan those guitar tracks when the acoustic starts up. The notes could be a lot cleaner. It sounds a bit thin to me. Cool effects use. Love the lead-work at 5:52.

"Architecture In Leningrad":
The intro seems a bit long for my taste, but it does create a nice atmosphere. I liked the introduction for the guitar, but the playing itself seems a tad sloppy. Really cool track.

Thanks for the crit!
100 Flowers:
This was my favorite of the two. I really liked the lead work at around 6:20, and the intro was cool also. No other comments, great track!

Architecture In Leningrad:
I thought the intro went on a bit, and the guitar work at the end was a little sloppy, and I though it didn't fit the song as well as it could have. Overall it has a very nice atmosphere, though.

Thanks for the crit on my song!