My name's Rob, I'm currently helping out my brother Jon Gomm (he's a pretty well known guitarist around the UK and Europe) by hopefully making some interested people aware of his new video.


I really hope some of you like it, and don’t mind me posting it on your forum!

By the way, the mp3 and full guitar tab of the song are available at http://jongomm.com/store

I’d love to know what people think of the track, and if there’s any replies on this thread I’ll send Jon over for a look (I'm setting up a bookmark folder of everywhere I visit so I can easily get back to them!).


Quote by mjones1992

I feel like the way I felt when I first heard Ocean by John Butler

What he said, but even greater!

Don't let this die, this dude deserves so much fame
That is one amazing person. Brilliant. Props to him!
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