Verse 1
Up late night infomercials,
While I weep on my guitar,
The autumn heat keeps me awake,
And I'll play till the final bar,
I'm fortunate the roof's on top,
And while others sleep in fear I shed a tear for them,
Embracing or are they? A meltdown is near.

Are you awake, Are you awake
Are you awake right now?
Are you awake, are you awake,
Something on your mind?

Bored of the screen people,
Promoting fake confidence,
Consequence of the corporate world,
Turn the channel, it's another disaster,
Torment makes my heart beat faster,
It's a race to save, ain't no time, it's nature's crime,
Retribution against the man, maybe it's the solution.
Maybe it's the solution. Maybe, just maybe.

Late nite infomercial