So, my lead guitarist's Laney GH100L got fried at the last gig. I haven't yet come to a conclusive diagnosis, but from the outside everything looks fine. Powers on, valves heat up ok, but no sound!

Apparently there was a burning smell when the amp broke down, if that means anything?

Could it just be the valves finally gone? (they were quite old)
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This is trippy as man my Laney GH100L did exactly the same thing at my last gig. It was a problem with the biasing of the tubes, so the tubes kept blowing (I assume because they were running too hot) when you put them in. I had exactly the same symptoms. It's unlikely to be electronics related, as you would still get some sound. Check the fuses too, because that's a really easy fix.

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Don't know, I'd assume OT if it's a burning smell.

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my uncle's silverface twin reverb has the same problem
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