I've had a go at taking a 400 year piece of lute music by John Dowland called "Mr Dowland's Midnight" and translating it into slide electric blues. The fit with the blues was OK as the original was in a minor key. See the results at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C0xUfNyReAM
I would be very interested to have some feedback.

By the way, there is also an earlier attempt which shows the whole process of going from the classical piece, through a slide facsimile and then to an improvisation on the theme at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AgcLW5_jt98
With the latest "Midnight" piece described above, I did not take viewers through this, because it is a bit long, but just put the original classical rendition at the far end of the youtube clip.
Thanks Chozodragon. The guitar is one I picked up second hand a couple of years ago. It is an Ibanez RG series. The amp is a Vox DA5. All seems to work well, but it's the first electric guitar and amp I've had so I have no points of comparison. Thanks again for your encouraging feedback and interest.
I'm working on a VOX DA5 too, I'm quite amazed you could get this sound out of it !
I normally leave it on "Blues 1" with some reverb. The tone on the guitar (mixing between the two pickups) is set to emphasise the higher harmonics. No clever settings, because I'm still rather new to all this, but glad to know that it sounds ok. Getting a new mic soon to get better level and details...might take away some of that smooth sound, but I'll see. Thanks for your comments.