So for almost a year now, I've had an on/off injury with both my forearms and i really don't know what it is and would like to know more about it.

It started when i started playing about 6 hours per day (i don't do this anymore) without a warm up routine or stretching or warm downs. The pain is hard to describe, but most of the time it's not really pain but a sensation that just kind of lets me know that it will be hurting eventually, and sometimes develops into a pain. I'm really careful about warming up now and do stretches all throughout the day, but it still comes back when i play for long periods of time. When it's at its worst, I have the pain when i try to play guitar, type and pretty intense pain when i try to grip and carry things.

The weirdest part about it however, is that it's not always just in my forearms. I've felt it go up my arm to my shoulder, into my chest and even sometimes in my cheek/face.

As well as playing guitar, i also spend a lot of time on the computer and i work one day a week doing a lot of heavy lifting (i work for an unloading company) and I'm fairly certain this contributes to it. I guess my question is, what is this? What can i do to stop it? I can't just stop all the activities that induce it, I'll be out of a job and uni requires me to do a lot of typing. What else can i do to help it get better? Stretch?

Any answers/advice would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks in advance.
it would probably be for the best to see a doctor. Seeking medical advice online is generally a bad idea.
But that would mean leaving my house

Seriously though, I probably will being seeing a doctor soon, but I still want to know what this forum has to say about it as i imagine others have had this problem too. Thanks for the advice anyway.
I've heard of arm / wrist pain but never heard of it traveling into neck and face. Sounds pretty messed up man def. go to a doctor.
Just a note, the pain that's not in my forearm I'm actually just able to feel, it's not intense at all
seek medical advice , but google tendonitis first.. it sound like that or maybe even bursitis..
tendonitis will be easily healed with manual therapy (massage) as long as you know where the cause is.. look for tensed up pressure points and massage them perpendicularly (as if they were guitar strings) if you feel pain thats ok , you want to keep going for a couple minutes, the pain sohould then go away and you can apply some more pressure , the pain should again be felt and subside after a couple minutes.. never do it if the pain is way to strong
do it for up to 3 times a day.. have fun.. always "loosen up2 inbetween excercices and try to have good posture when using the computer..