Just curious on something. I have been learning guitar for 2 years but not that attentive. Just wondering if I had started practicing all chords would make me a better player now. I know how to play guitar from someone who taught me how to play a song with simple chords. I learned G-Em-C-D for Last Kiss of Pear Jam.

Need your thoughts maybe this will help also to those who are starting to learn playing guitar.

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This is going to all be opinion and personal preference, but I believe you need to learn the chords and then use simple three or four chord songs to practice changing from one chord to another. Then, you can start to learn the barre chords to add some variety and ease of changing chords into the mix.

Learning will definitely get boring if you don't incorporate some songs into your practice routine though.
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i learned the usual open chords then started playing songs or riffs from bands that had single note rhythms, then learnt more chords to play the rest of the song
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I started by learning to read out of the Berklee Modern Method for Guitar book. After a couple of months, (once I had started to develop proper technique), my teacher began showing me how to play some of my favorite songs, in addition to the book.
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Haha, i learned 3 chords too. G,D and A. Then i learned Twist and Shout and Mull of Kintyre. Then learned the other open position chords and then barres and stuff.
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The first thing I ever leaned on the guitar, was Brain Stew by Green Day. I didn't even know how to tune my guitar.
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The first thing I ever leaned on the guitar, was Brain Stew by Green Day. I didn't even know how to tune my guitar.

They still don't.
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I learned 3-4 chords. Then I started learning every Nirvana song ever.

lol this +1000
depends on what their goals are..
if they tell me they want to be guitar gods.. i would never tell someone learn 4 chords and start learning songs... i woudl tell them to work on picking and left hand technique for months and then.. they could start moving on to other stuff..
Thanks for all the share. I tried playing 3-4 chords song so I can manage the transfer of my fingers from 1 chord to another. I was just thinking if there are softwares that slows down the music to hear the note for note especially on the fast part of a song. So I did an extra research and found this helpful free online key, pitch and tempo changer (http://www.songsurgeon.com/page/ssweb.html). I slowed down a music that I practiced after that I export the output and load it to my mp3 player and it was worth the practice. For beginners like me I don't want to waste money on softwares that might not fit you so why not try first free softwares and start from there if you need to upgrade. This page is a good and helpful one.
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