Hey there,

usually I use single wav. samples which I import into Fruity Loops to make a drum track. It works well for me, there are enough knobs to get things right and I can export every part of the drumset individually.

Now I wanted some real good drumsamples and bought Abbey Road Drums. Is there a way to get these files into a pattern based sequencer equal to Fruity Loops? I don't have enough space to get me a Midi Drumset. Maybe there's a way. Cannot find anything in the manual, maybe they don't want it to be used outside Kontakt Player.

Isn't abbey road drums by Native Instruments? If so you should be able to add a channel of Abbey Road Drums in FL Studio and open the piano roll and click where you want the drums. I'd assume like Battery 3 you can basically mix within the VSTi.

I know for Battery 3 the kick drums sits around C3.
I know it is possible. All you have to do is find where the samples are located. I was able to extract out the Battery 3 wav samples and use it for Ableton's drum rack so I assume the same can be done with Abbey Road and FL. Just go to where ever your Abbey Road was installed (C:\Program Files\Native Instruments\etc.) and see if you can find the wav files. Then just set that folder in the directory on FL Studio for easy access. Or you could just copy the files to your own folder.
Thanks for the answers, but the wav files are packed in locked libraries. I tried record each of them with Cubase, but this will take months. Each kit is nearly 6gb.
I couldn't find any VST for Kontakt Player in Fruity Loops, Cubase does have that connection. Do you know how to set it up?