So I am wondering about specific woods. I own an Epiphone Sheraton II. The body is hollow, and the wood is laminated maple. I am thinking about ordering (evetually) a Warmoth tele body. I am not which kinda tone, between warm and bright I want. Maple is obv one of the brightest woods (at least to my knowledge) Is a normal maple bod gona sound the same as the laminated maple one of my Sheraton?

If you have any suggestions of a wood that would make a nice guitar for folk rock, indie rock, etc. please share!
The mod you are thinking of simply isn't going to work. The neck on your guitar won't fit into a tele body and even if they did, I'm pretty sure the sheraton doesn't have a 25.5" scale.

A maple tele body is going to sound completely different than a laminated maple hollow body because they really don't have much of anything in common.
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