I know my pitch axis and as well my mode theory (A pretty good theory on circle of 5ths not the bestest) and all that stuff but!!!!!

No matter how much I learned about it; I always wanted to be curious about michael Romeo's style, and key changing in certain solos and parts

I can't play nearly fast this guy I know, but knowing what he's about and stuff would be a big help cause I am always been his fan for years but, If anyone can help me that would be great.


Watch this video

hear 42secs. and 2:04 AND 4:00 is an example of what I am talking about, Michael Romeo I never understood him how he plays or anything; I would be greatly appreciated if anyone could help me figure out what possible theory he may be using or mode or scale in comparison to the rest of this song for example, or some sort of theory that can help relate.

I have to go in 14mins. as reading this message, if anyone could be detailed as possible about this question I would be happy cause I am not gonna be back till 4-8 hours from now. I love his style of playing just like a lot of playing enjoy Yngwie malmsteen and other players, this is one of the few players I can relate too though and rather be some sort of technical classical guitar styled player than a metal or rock n roll player or anything. I know his style goes along those ranges but you know what I meant; If anyone can help me understand would be great help thanks for everyone for reading.
A lot of his riffs and solos are just diminished/augmented or phrygian dominant licks.
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A lot of his riffs and solos are just diminished/augmented or phrygian dominant licks.

Oh I see.. are these augmented and diminished and phrygian possible to be in a pitch axis theory for the same key signature??
Pitch axis theory has nothing to do with Michael Romeo's style. He uses plenty of diminished arpeggios, harmonic minor and natural minor scales. A lot of his soloing is based on playing different arpeggios such as 7b9, m7 etc. He does frequent key changes which contributes to his style. He does a lot of neo-classical stuff which can be fairly challenging to understand. I don't know a single example where he would play modes.

The examples you showed are pretty much just harmonic minor scale runs, I think. I didn't have too much time to analyze them.
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