Okay so I have been playing guitar for about 5 years now and i have always been a les paul guy, i love them i never wanted anything else. My favorite musicians played them so that's what i got and i never looked elsewhere at other guitars because it did everything i wanted it to. Well this last week i Won a raffle at my local guitar store after getting a ticket for buying some strings. I got a call and John from the store and he said "hey you won a Tele Deluxe come on down and pick it up". At first i was like wow that's cool i won something, but meh it was a fender and i liked Gibson(I was Thinking of selling it on the ride home). after i got home i plugged it in and WOW, i love the sound the feel of the neck and the toggle switch and pots are in the same spot as my les paul, i never knew a tele could sound so mean..... I am in Complete joy.....I haven't picked up my les paul since i got it home...
And the moral of the story is not to judge based on brand names!

EDIT: and yeah, congrats on it and stuff
they're coming to take me away
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I've tried to like teles, and I know they are great guitars. I can't bring myself to like them - at least not with the standard single coil and lipstick in the neck. I've played a few with dual humbuckers (not Fender) and I enjoyed those, but those aren't really telecasters, are they? I do appreciate they are nice instruments and some people prefer them, but they're not for me.
They can be a bit awkward for people to work with, and they may look a bit odd, but you can get some really nice sounds out of some of them, and not just for country. And if you're awesome like Danny Gatton, you can mod the tone knob to have a frequency range more like a wah.