Hiya, I'm not sure if this is where this would fit in the forums, but anyway, I bought a Squier Affinity J Bass last Christmas, and the electronics have failed me. When I turn the volume knobs down slightly, the pick up associated with it turns off, and the tone knob appears to be completely inactive. What would you recommend? I'm considering swapping out the pots, as the problem appears to be in them, if I were to do that, what would I replace them with? Any advice would be appreciated
You can buy CTS if your into superstition, otherwise go to guitarfetish or Bass parts resource, and get some pots

1 meg bright
500k kind of bright (best of both worlds)
250k dark

and a cap.
You want to follow this diagram

Troubleshoot the wiring against that diagram and you'll probably find a wire has come loose. My guess, from the information you've provided, is that it's probably the black wire coming the left hand lug of whichever volume knob is failing. As for the tone not doing anything, it's not uncommon for cheaper basses like the affinity series squiers to have dodgy capacitors that simply don't work. All you'd need to do is replace the offending capacitor.
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Ahh thanks for all the help guys, I've looked into parts and the man from the guitar shop has ordered in some pots and caps for me :P