I need to completely retube my amp. I have never retubed an amp before. Oddly enough I always ended up trading/selling my amp for something else before needing to retube it. I found an amp I like and it needs tubes.

I'm looking to cut back on the noise, get a nice clean, yet keep the gain needed.

Leaning towards making a cocktail of preamps ala tungsol, jj, mullard and sovtek

My VHT came stock with this set up.

2 Matched Sovtek KT88s
V1: Sovtek 12AX7WB
V2: Shuguang 12Ax7
V3: Shuguang 12Ax7
V4 (driver) Shuguang 12Ax7

Per Fryette's manual......

Preamp tube locations are indicated by tube type on the rear panel of the chassis. Tube types are factory selected for superior performance, consistent tone quality and reliability. While substituting other brands may not cause damage to the amplifier this may affect amplifier performance in unpredictable ways. For best performance, replace only with factory recommended tubes. Warning! Substituting other tube types is not recommended.

Each 12AX7 has two sections/functions. Section A is shown first, Section B is second. Factory recommended tubes are listed under each location. Numbering sequence is right to left looking at back of amp starting with the row closest to front panel of amp.

V1 (shielded tube) Input Gain Stage 1 (Parallel Triodes).
12AX7A Tung-Sol

12AX7WB Sovtek
(Use in place of Tung-Sol for smoother top end and less upper mids.)

12AX7 China Selected
(Use in place of WB if more gain is required)

V2 (shielded tube) Gain Stage 2.
12AX7A/7025 China
(Gain Stage 4. Active only when MORE / LESS switch is set to MORE).

V3 (shielded tube) Gain Stage 3.
12AX7A/7025 China (Tone Control Driver).

V4 - Phase Inverter.
12AX7A/7025 China

Power Tubes MUST USE ONLY KT88 or 6550.

KT88 Sovtek
KT88 Svetlana
6550 Sovtek
6550 Svetlana