This is a sappy little song I wrote for my girlfriend, yeah yeah, and I had posted one song earlier today but I thought it made more sense to post something that was more recent, (not 2 years old) and so here we are. Former post deleted.

I find that whenever I write lyrics, they're far more generic than my usual workings, and way below average standards here on UG S&L, but I hope you enjoy it nonetheless.

(First mp3 on the page)
(Sounds best through headphones)

Lucky Star

When you walked away from me that day,
I thought my world had changed.
But now I'm seeing that was just the start
of something very beautiful.

I thought I had scared you off.
(When you walked away)
Where did you go running?
I'm just glad to have you back.

And if you said it all was just a dream,
I think I'd know just what you mean.
But if there is one thing I know for sure,
my love for you is real as it gets.


You're the lucky star
that I've been waiting for.
When you came into my life
I knew right then that you'd be mine.
It is everything you said it was....But i still like it...it would be pointless to crit this line for line as i listened to the recording....and it was very layered and such....(a bit to much for my taste....at least when it comes to sappy songs)

you joined when i was 8

I haz gotten gud