ok i have a line 6 spider III 15 watt guitar amplifier. now when im playing guitar, most of the time, the sound quality of the amp completely suffers. for example if im playing with a lot of distortion, it will sound crisp but after a short period of time it will start to sound like im playing on the clean channel but the tone is a little more 'twangy' then the actual clean channel. if im playing on the clean channel and it sounds crisp the amp will start to sound very very flat.

im not sure if that is very clear lol to help clarify.. if im playing master of puppets with max distortion, the amp will cut out the distortion and it then sounds like im playing master of puppets with a clean tone instead of a distortion tone.. and this is all without touching any buttons

tl;dr -- when i play heavy metal on my amp, the distortion level diminishes and it sounds like im playing on the clean channel
--if im playing a clean tone the amp will flatten all the notes and it just sounds like shit

ive replaced my guitar cable 3 times and it happens everytime which leads me to believe it is the amplifier

hoping someone can help, thanks
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try it with a different guitar first incase its a problem with your pickups. If not then its your amp and since its a spider just buy a new better amp
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good point it might be the guitar seeing how came from a 'starter' set.. its a laguna lol
Quote by bobsyc
ok i have a line 6 spider III 15 watt guitar amplifier.

This is the problem...

It's not your guitar. I assume you're not playing with it cranked and causing it to clip, right? Does it go clean for a few seconds and go back to the distortion?
^^ no i dont crank the amp cuz im afraid the sound is going to cut out.. and usually it does not go back to distortion but occasionally it will (either by itself or by me re-positioning the guitar cable)
sounds like your jack on the guitar might be bent.
take the guitar to a store and see if it messes up on their amp. if so, have their tech fix it. will only take about 5 minutes and they shouldnt even charge you for it.
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