i love the vocals in this band, i havent heard another band with vocals that sounded better to me. i've been screaming for about 5 months, growling for over a year.

in the parts at 0:25-0:30 and 3:05-3:20, i don't really know how to explain it, but it sounds like his voice is coming through kind of, more melodic...? sorry if im not using the right words here, i am kind of a noob to screaming.

how do i do this...? that croaky, voice sound? i can pretty much do regular screaming already.
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yeah, he's pretty good. maybe the secret involves necrophilia?

that's a pretty good thought.

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Not many people do this but, it is possibly to pitch your screams.

AKA, most bands have a one tone scream that they do throughout the song, Trevor is just changing the pitch of his scream to match that of a vocal melody.

If you need anymore clarification, just ask.
He doesn't scream so much as rasp. It's a technique found primarily in black metal. Very useful to learn (and, to me, much easier to pitch with).
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