I have a stacked humbucker I made for the middle position on my guitar.
I put alnico poles going through both of them, but still, it seems lower output and doesn't match with the neck and bridge pickups.
Could I take out the pole pieces, use a dremel or something, and cut out the plastic between the spaces in the holes, so that I could make it one open rectangular space, and put in a ceramic bar magnet that's normally found in a humbucker?
The thickness of the bar magnet is about the same as the width of the polepieces.
So I'm basically making a rail pickup, if possible...
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I think active EMG's are built somewhat like that, but I'm not sure though.
idk buy a cheap set and try on them? you never know until you try
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VERY carefully. In fact, I may have to practice on old broken single coils.
I may have to file down some and round the edges on the bar magnet also.
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Well, there is more magnetic mass with the solid bar that pole pieces. And any pickup I've modified from alnico to ceramic, almost always makes it hotter.
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