Just wondering which pickup setting you guys find yourself using the most. I'm asking because Ive noticed that a lot of people seem to use the bridge pickup the most, which I rarely find myself using. I usually play on the neck or neck and middle pickup (on a fender strat.) Is there something I should change in my setup to make the bridge setting sound better? I have a fender strat MIM and a blues Jr.
I use the bridge pickup for rhythm and the neck pickup for soloing (general guideline).

Different people have different preferences. I don't like the bassy sound of the neck pickup, so I don't use it very much.

I can't really tell you what to change to get a good sound from yore guitar because everyone has different ideas of what 'good' is. I personally just turn everything to ten and it sounds fine to me. But I'm using a practice amp and play primarily metal. Just screw around with it and see what sounds good to you.
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I use all of mine, depends on what I play really
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So lets say we are using a 5 way switch, with 1 being at one end, the bridge, and 5 being on the other end, the neck.

I use 1 for all heavy playing, 2 for treble cleans, and 4 for super clean playing. 3 and 5 are never used.
Strongly depends what I'm playing. Although I think I use the neck pickup more frequently than the rest, on my strat anyways. For an Andy Timmons kind of solo tone I'll go on either the bridge or bridge + mid pickups.

Try messing with the amp settings, the guitar's tone knobs, or pedals if you have that. I find experimenting with everything to be the best way to learn how to get a "good" tone.
Depends on what i'm playing. I'm the only guitarist in my band, and for that i only really use the bridge pickup (Blacktop strat)

In my old band i played alot of lead guitar and used both bridge and neck buckers. In that band i used my LP mainly and could clean up the neck for some of the ska we played and keep the bridge dimed for the rest of it.
i mainly use my bridge and neck pickups depending on tonal need. really the only time i use my middle is for clean acousticy sounds.
only one pickup, so there is no switch.

Bridge p'up only for the win
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I usually use the bridge pickup, I use the neck pickup for cleans(not all the time though, I don't really dig the cleans out of my Schecter's EMG 81), sweeps and every now and then I use it for higher notes too, but I never use the neck pup for lower notes distorted. And the tone from middle pickups reminds me of a retarded duck, no matter how I try.
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Bridge 70% neck 30% i'd say with a 1% margin of error for getting dirty vintage tones outta the middle. Depending of course, playing my epi I love the air norton neck and usually only play leads and cleaner chords on it anyways so its almost always neck.
When playing on my Les Paul, I use my bridge pickup at full volume and full tone for chords and chunky riffs, when playing leads I use my neck pickup at about three thirds volume and tone rolled down. Just the way I like it I guess
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Mainly bridge (metal and whatnot)
Neck only for leads really, that or some cleans.
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I use the bridge on my tele for punk, metal, most rock and ska. I use the middle position for surf and other instrumental stuff and I use the neck for most of my clean open chord stuff and for most blues (both clean and distorted).
I only ever use the bridge humbucker. My X50 only has one working pickup, the 85 in the bridge. The 59 at the neck is just there. My other guitar has a SH-11 and two singles. I've always just used the bridge for everything, lead and rhythm. I've never really used the neck pickup on any guitar ever. Never liked the sound. I don't play clean stuff and I never liked how a neck pickup sounded with gain. So I stuck with the bridge.
Middle on my tele for general playing, neck for smoother, bluesier kind of tones.
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Bridge for treble, neck for bass, both for both.

In other words, bridge for rhythm, neck for higher-pitched lead, and both for both.
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bridge with tone rolled down for Hard Rock/ Metal..
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not a fan of the middle pickup position. i alternate between bridge and neck for soloing n shit
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I've got my strat wired like this:

pos 1 (up) neck only
pos 2 neck/middle in series, hot and heavy
pos 3 neck/middle/bridge in series, deafening
pos 4 middle/bridge in series, blistering leads
pos 5 (down) bridge only, tinny as ****

I keep to 2 or 3 depending on whether I want heavy or dirty. I'll swap to 4 for solos. I'll do 1 occasionally but never 5 unless I happen to be playing some weird chords that don't like any mud whatsoever.
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Of course, before one can even talk about preferences, this depends on the pickup selection on one's guitar.

My guitar has a H-S-H setup that coil-splits. I use all of the pickup options to one extent or another, but there are some that I tend to use most commonly. For me that's the two coil-split positions (2 and 4) because of how it lets the pick attack come through strongly and adds a bit more bite, and clarity when playing clean w/chords.

That's right, I have a guitar with two humbuckers in it and most often my favorite sounds on it turns them into single coils. To an extent, I've realized that this is compensation for how high-output Dimarzio Evolutions are. On guitars with lower-output humbuckers, I'm much more likely to like the pure humbucker sounds.

On quite a few guitars, I'm not that fond of the sound of a bridge humbucker. It tends to seem overly compressed, particularly if it is very high-output. I do sometimes really like the sound of a neck humbucker, but it can also lack some clarity and doesn't let the pick attack come through enough, which is why I so often default to the 2nd position.
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Depends on the guitar mainly, with my Strat I mainly use the middle and bridge pickups together, my 12 string on my twin neck is always set to both humbuckers, the six string to one or the other pickup and I also use both my pickups on my SG but probably the bridge more than the neck.
I like to stay on the neck when I'm playing clean, really just to avoid sounding like I'm getting a country tone. With dirt, I'm all bridge all the time. Playing with dirt on the neck pickup just sounds muddy and annoying to me.
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Leo's original intention for the Strat was that the neck and middle pickups would be used the most. The bridge pickup was never a main selling point.

I use bridge humbuckers, bridge P-90s or middle single coils for most of my distorted rhythm playing. For clean rhythm I like middle single coils best or a bridge P-90 with the tone rolled off a little. Most of my lead playing is played on the neck pickups regardless of what kind of pickup it is.
i use whichever pickup fits the kind of sound that best compliments the song i happen to be playing at that time really.

given that i play a lot of classic rock, though, i tend to end up using a bridge humbucker about 80% of the time.
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I seem to use bridge the most, as I have EMG 81/85's. When I want to switch to rock, folk or acoustic I switch to neck.