Verse 1:

A cinematic, automatic, lonely town,
Broken down, frozen frown, stoney brown,
Tucked in the corner, with a lowly sound,
It's feeling surreal, it's like this everyday.

Tune into the boredom it's the latest craze,
Four in the morning, wake up in a daze,
Walking on the train and keeping the pace,
Doing everything, just to save your face.


No jokes and no complications,
Old folks are staying accomodation,
Tough kids are hanging at the station,
Sneering down the weak kids, breaking conversation.

Verse 2

Striving for survival, it's a crazy place,
Look around the corner, it's all gone to waste,
Drivers running wild, never feel safe,
Always under pressure and that's their way.

Little in the city, all work no play,
Traffic causing havoc, will keep things drained,
Cops chasing robbers, keep them detained,
Money making money, and we enter the fray.

Always awake,
Bent out of shape,
Talking away,
Image opaque.

Living it ain't so hard to achieve,
Living it ain't so hard to perceive,
Living it ain't so hard to achieve,
You now know more than when you begun.

You can run away, I just wanna play,
Hold on to your loved ones,
Make sure everyone's safe,
Oh, you're manically depressed,
Pleasantly oppressed,
Subtly possessed.
I actually really like it. There's no huge cliches, it sounds original. The rhyming's good. Overall I wouldn't really change much on it. Nice job
Not exactly a frequent poster.