I cut up an Epoch, and turned it into this
Custom body

And since its my first build, I'm going a little cheap on this. I was wondering what some thoughts were on putting a srat neck on, i know it would fit, but im not sure how it would look. Some opinions? And idea on what color or design should be painted on the body would be nice too.
A reverse one would look awesome, normal would still look good, maple or rosewood fretboard depends on preference and body color. wicked body dude.
I think something with a little bit more of a point to it would suit that body better.

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dude that is sweet!! I would put a strat neck on it but reshape the head stock to match the body
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a paddle head with a strat heel would be the best.

I second this. What I am visualizing seems appropriate.
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That body is killer! It's going to look even better after paint.
Since the body isn't symmetrical, i think a strat neck/headstock would work best with it. Maybe curl and point the headstock a little bit to match the body.

I love reverse headstocks. I built a frankenstrat with one. It's a beauty.
A Jackson neck would be better... but an old turn down one like on my PS-1
Im trying to get a neck close to about 100 dollars, and it seems a strat neck is the easiest to get. Jackson would be good, but the problem is i need one with 22 frets and not cut out for a locking nut. For paint, i was thinking going solid white with black hardware, active pickups, but i like the idea of doing black on the edges! Thanks for the replies, keep em coming!
i got a mighty mite neck off of ebay for ~$80. can't go wrong for a licensed fender replacement part for that price.
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