So over the course of my music "career", I've written.. 2 songs. One of them can be found on my profile, but that's the instrumental (I'm in the process of writing lyrics for it right now). Black Sun, the song on my profile, is in the key of C minor, which I happen to play in the tuning of C Standard, so it allows for a bass note when playing. My first song however, I've been wishing to rewrite and make it tighter, because the first version only had 3-4 riffs and was extremely repetitive. It's in the key of G major though, and I'm pretty sure the only answers i might get to my question would be: "ReTune your guitar" or "You can switch keys" or "a good musician can always figure it out". Something along those lines.

ANY WHO, sorry for my long wall of text, but my question is: how can i write in a different key in which my bass note for it would be the 7th fret of the low E string? I'm pretty sure the question could be rephrased better, but i hope you get the memo. Help please!!
you could tune to drop c, and have the c for the root and play on the 5th string for your g maj song.
probably not what youre asking for, but thats what i got out of it
That's the problem I play on my Alexi 600, which has a floating tremolo. I'd have to get it set up for Drop C, and when I went to my local guitar tech to have it set up for DROP C, he showed me TWICE that he doesn't know the difference between Drop C and C Standard. But anyways, i guess a better version of my question would be how would I compose the rest of my song if the lowest note in the key (on my guitar neck) is the 7th fret of the E?
Play the exact same thing you play in C standard... except in E standard.

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