From St. Petersburg, Florida.

We're wanting the sound to vary. Not gonna be anything too specific besides metal.
Planning on sounding like Children of Bodom and (new) Black Tide. That kinda stuff. Hardcore and then gentle, ya know? Whatever comes out when writing.
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What part of St. Pete? Cus i can do rhythm guitars and scream vox. I would totally be into doing a project with you guys. Im not experienced but im willing to learn. I dont really have good equipment, and no mics or anything. This would be my first project, but yeah... you gotta start somewhere right? I know you said metal, but i listen to mostly Metalcore and Post hardcore, which is vastly different from Children of Bodom.

As for writing, i have like 6 songs already written, i just havent found the right people to make them into music. I can send some of them if you'd like.
not a clue haha. Probably too far. I'm in clearwater just so you know. Plus idk if you guys would like the music I'm into lol