I have some money and currently also in the midst of reducing.

I Have drums, guitar and bass, but I 9/10 times play bass it's my preferred instrument since day 1

My rig is this so you don't have to ask

GK MB200 head
Peavey Mark IV ($40, then pulled the power cord off so in repair)
Crate TDP tube Preamp

CGm? brand 1x15 cab 8 ohms
Mystery Genz Benz Cab 1x15 8 ohms
both stack

Turning a peavey TNT into a 1x15 cab with equipment case 4 ohm

mini 1x10 Neo creation I made from a peavey rage amp, 8 ohms.

For small things the 1x10 and GK make a 4 pound 100 watt mini rig on a stool.

Everything else is in search of that doom bass grind

Right Now I can't decide if I should get a rack mount EQ or similar Pedal, will that have any effect on my already busy load?

Similarly will a sansamp Bass driver help any if I already got a tube preamp and my amp going?

Also, I don't own a compressor should I bother with one?

Lastly, I like Al Cisneros use of an Auto wah/envelope filter, are they good thing to have or just one part of one song deals?
Auto wah's are to me insanely cool, but not useful in many situations.

You don't per se need a compressor but a good dual band compressor can't hurt your tone

A rack EQ or pedal will help you dial in an exact sound - I think a must for everyone

I have no idea about the sansamp with tube pre's.
EQ pedals, like the guy above said, let you adjust your tone precisely.

I've never really liked Auto Wah's, they can be used only in specific situations imo, but not always as part of a tone, otherwise it might sound pretty bad.
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