Was there ever a reason
I asked the questions
I did?

- - -

I remember the first time I thought
"What if the past isn't real?"
Really what I meant was
"What's real?"
Scarier still,
"What am I...

Guilt stains each drag
said to meself "Quit."
Yet, cigarettes I liked
before I thought them bad,
dirty and dangerous
men in black shoes storming
hallways, homes and havens
from an office chair...
there went my focus
this couch has apple kushions
trick the rabbit from his hole and eat him
the master's plan in a nut's hell

pardon my allergy
the reaction offends
see I can't help it
but I've got a dollar
if you need it, and a full tank of gas
we can go anywhere
I want Super Saiyan abilities
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