This has been a long time coming. I need a new amp. I won't be able to buy one for a while, but I'd appreciate some suggestions that I could look into before buying something.

Here are the necessities:

Budget: No more than $1000 AUD, preferably closer to $500. But I'm happy to spend a little more for better quality.

Genre: Metal. Mainly Metallica, Iron Maiden, Megadeth, and I've lately been getting into Killswitch Engage, Lamb of God etc.

New/Used: Don't care, as long as it sounds good and won't fall apart anytime soon.

Home/Gig: Mainly home, although I'm gonna start jamming a little bit when I finish high school in about a month.

Closest city: Sydney

Current gear: I have two guitars, a Schecter Omen-6 and my own hand-made explorer with EMGs (81/85)

Thanks for any help

Schecter Omen-6
Custom-built explorer (my first build)
Schecter Damian-6
Two strat copies
Home-made PitBull Guitars Flying V
Blackstar HT-1RH
Blackstar HT-Metal
Dunlop KH95 Wah
Can you pick up a Peavey Vypyr 60/6505+112, Jet City JCA2112, Blackheart BH15, Blackstar Venue 20, or Egnater Rebel 20/30 in your price range?

What about a used Marshall DSL 100 or Line 6 Flextone?

(some of those lower wattage amps may need a boost)
i think a Peavey XXX/3120 would do you pretty well. so would their predacessor the ultra
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