Hey UG,
My Eastwood Airline Map is constantly getting out of tune. I don't know where or how this problem started to I was wondering what the usual things that cause this problem could be. Any help is appreciated!
Typical problem caused by bad set up. It happens. check the truss rod, string height and then the intonation. should fix your problem.
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im bout to try this theory my guitar teach told me about...theres a bar inside the head stock thats covered by a thing that probally has the brand on it underneath the strings...good luck im horrible at explaining things
Is it a recently occuring thing? If its recent, it could be improper string stretching or bad wrapping around the posts. It may also be that the nut is causing the string to bind up. I've had that happen a few times. If the guitar is being exposed to different temperatures during the day that can also lead to tuning instability.
You may want to invest in some locking tuners if all else fails. Good luck to you, sir.
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if you have the bigsby equipped model, make sure that the strings are running over the roller bridge smoothly and that the bar action is smooth. any binding could cause tuning issues.

it could also be fresh strings that havent been properly stretched, strings that aren't wrapped around the posts properly, tuner backlash or binding at the nut.
I paid for a proper setup on my guitar and it was probably the best thing ive done to it since buying it.

If you got the cash, get it done imo, Its like a different guitar now and will also help to solve your tuning issue
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