Holmes non-invasive brain operation estimated can playing after a month

They think disease congenital, and operation for non invasive operation." Terry - Riley said," if all things according I will search Ping K15 irons tonight to the plan, he should be in a month after the beginning of golf.Terry - Riley said that the symptoms of the disease in May 15th at the Players Championship began, including I think Mizuno MP-68 Irons is betther than Ping G15 driver dizziness, headache, numb without feeling, balance function. Since that moment, has been very stable J.B. Holmes has been performing well, never finished more the new released Callaway RAZR Hawk Draw Driver is very popular than 47 ( AT&T national championship ). Meanwhile, his two elimination, in American PGA Championship first round hit 80 pole then chose Ping has released forged irons callaway diablo edge irons this year to retire. On Tuesday, J.B Holmes met at Johns Hopki hospital doctor, estimated to be in the next week to Monday or Tuesday operation. J.B Holmes on Monday announced its withdrawal from the new Callaway X-24 Irons was revealed by callaway FedEx Cup playoff opener -- the Barclays, reason is to prepare for a brain operation, and it might be forced to give up the rest of the season.
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