this is the worst. i wanted to share it.

chickadee dee dee
the following is an aside to each of the collective girls in the audience tonight, but you know, individually, or some bullshit like that, like, girls, feel special or something and listen
lieu of recent developements Im not sure whose offff/kiltered voice i can trust
when every robot who steps within my humid cloud cover rusts
or turns to stone eyed text message blowup doll
you pocket dialed me so i know you’re still alive
you’re probably just lost
covered in a forest of six inch fellacio pines
and all you need is a hero
but i’m a zero with untouchable intention
(that never will reach fruition)
progressin past miniture
hurdles i mistake for the full picture
the mold spreads in the refrigerator
when milk curdles top heavy
spills over your flavor of the day salad lunch
i remember when you ate the image of unbottoning my shirt for brunch
breakfast dinner
and we were camden forest sinners
mt. batty country bowing to secret squirrel valleys
blowing to heaven and back again
while the chickadee dee dee
sings chickadee dee dee
like its so ****ing cute
well guess what
it is cute
and guess what/ you are cute
and guess guests lists are going out of style
but i still slip your name in subconciously during my dream save states
my life is a video game gameshark compatible
so i still dont understand why i couldnt input the cheats to beat your level
i held left b right trigger like the guidebook said
but i left you babbling questions of my heritage
like after each of our conversations your third eye shot a lazer and burned the bridge
“so, um, you come to cappys often?”
“when i was growing up hon, i came here every third sunday”
go down to the docks hide out until next god day
where he sings chickadeedeedee
sings chickadee dee dee
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ive never read anything so... whatever this is. the title pulled me in... and i stayed for the ridiculously humourous imagery! wow...
hahahah the gameshark! i would love to see this performed. its ridiculous but you know the funniest thing is i kind of like it. the images are crazy.
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Park that car
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Sleep on the floor
Dream about me
I really, really, adored this. Except everything after the Chickadee part near the end.

Someone's been playing emulators as much as I have lately ;D

GBA, SNES, and N64 on my laptop. Heheheh.

Anyway, I really did enjoy this clusterfunk of a piece. It's hard to even find the right words to describe how I felt about it.

This is the style of writing that I wish I could execute flawlessly.
I don't think even you executed it flawlessly, as there were instances here and there that felt slightly below par, but you did execute it wonderfully and it's a style I've not even scratched the surface of myself.

Thanks for the inspiration.
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Save for a few grammatical oddjobs (which I'm hoping were all intentional because I love this piece too much to want to acknowledge a fault) this was exactly the type of piece that makes me keep writing. This redundant compliment is all I have to offer. I wouldn't change a damn thing.
Poor advice.
love this. love it love it love it. great to see you, honey.
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Great work, Dylan. It's awesome to have you posting your work again. Here is a little treat for ya!