Well my friend sent me this picture saying "Any Ideas?"

Anyone wanna fill me in on what the hell it is?

Some sort of word puzzle? An answer or solution to the problem would be great to thanks, But the name of the game will suffice if you think i'm trying to cheat at h/w or something haha. Thanks in advance..
With these things I'm pretty sure you can only use each letter once, and every word has to include the middle letter. You can make the word Orienteer from it if that helps...

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It's one of those wordgames from a newspaper I think. If it's the same kind as the one's i've seen before you have to make as many words as you can using the letters. You need to use the one in the middle with each word and can't use any letter twice.
You gotta make words using any of the letters once, and every word has to contain the middle letter.
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Apparently after giving a few possible answers to him, it must be a 9 letter word!? What dah, I'm not sure he read the instruction properly.. hahaha Ty btw.