This song is a somewhat experimental piece where i used odd time signatures, interesting dynamics and other instruments to create an original sounding metal instrumental. Let me know what you think! C4C
Thanks, I used Pod Farm for the guitar tone and I made a drum kit in Garageband from samples i found on the net.
Thanks for the crit on mine, delighted to see I have another instrumental metal track to review

Like the intro, very tight playing. Piano goes really well with it, I love other instruments than guitars/bass/drums incorporated in metal. Like the riff that comes after that. I think you should maybe EQ down the low end of the guitars slightly though, they're a little boomy. Not that much or anything, just something I noticed. Maybe turn up the bass guitar in the mix as well. Like the rhythm changes, makes it interesting. Drums are programmed pretty well, but not sure about the actual sound of them though. The hi-hats seem a bit too loud, the snare maybe lacks a bit of punch/aggression. This dissonant section around 4:00 is really cool and unusual, very interesting. The song has a good structure and there's lots going on. Although it's quite long, it certainly doesn't get boring. Cool riff for the outro as well.

Overall, that's a fantastic song you have there, I really like it! Quite experimental and original. Only complaints are with the production, while it's certainly not bad, there is some room for improvement.
Thanks for the feedback on mine.

The intro is well written, fades in well and love the piano. The playing is real tight. My favorite riff is the one at 2.12 it's heavy and flows nice. The whole song flows together well without get boring. Around 4.00 is different, basically it's awesome. Never heard that done before, that's good work right there. You have some talent
Giddyup! Intro makes me think of charging horses. Can't tell if there's bass in this or some occasional bassy guitar. Playing is tight! Drums are good. Guitar sounds out of tune at 4:00 to me (also at ~5:40). Like the piano. Good lead at ~6:00. Some pretty wild stuff now. I like most of the recording. Please review my music at this link: