Hello, I've just bought a Mexican Strat and want to know 2 things:

1.how far down can I push the tremolo?? what happens if i push it down too much? (for a dive bomb etc)

2.should I remove the plastic that covers it? I don't want it to get dirty or sticky and then impossible to get off. Also, how do I get it off?!?!?! It won't go past the control nobs or the screws...

Help and thanks!
i blocked my Tremelo because it was screwing up my intonation so i cant answer that for you...
the knobs and such pop off. slip them off then peel the cover off
1. When you push it down as far as it goes it just stops going down, that's all. The worst that happens is it goes out of tune pretty bad.

2. I just took the knobs off (lightly slide a butter knife under the knobs and pull up so they pop off) and then take the plastic covering off. I still have tiny bits of plastic under the screws by the pickups though cause I haven't bothered taking the whole pickguard off and all that, it doesn't really bother me.

Congrats on the new guitar
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haha i remember when my strat was new. i play the damn thing so much that all of the plastic just kinda wore off.
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i use my tremolo VERY HARD. you can break it very easily and if you setup the strat right you shouldn't have any problems with the tuning. i think is so sad people block there tremolo, i have mine raised like they come out of the factory and it never goes out of tune, no matter how hard i use my tremolo... just get some locking tuners if it really goes out of tune and ALWAYS use nut sause! i recommmend everyone to use the big bend nut sause you can buy on ebay!