hi folks. i could use some help reading a tab i'm trying to learn.

it's yellow ledbetter by pearl jam and the tab is here - http://tabs.ultimate-guitar.com/p/pearl_jam/yellow_ledbetter_tab.htm

At the end of the first bar you'll notice a slide from the 11th fret on the D string to the 7th fret on the E. i've bolded the portion i'm talking about below.


how am I to play this? i'm not sure what the angle of the slashes mean in reference to the way the slide is performed. am i to slide from 11 to 1 on the D string and then 1 up to 7 on the E?
11\ is slide down from the 11th fret, but not necessarily down to the first. Slide down and trail it off where it sounds correct. /7 is slide up to the 7th fret, but begin where it sounds correct - not necessarily the first fret.
i looked into yellow ledbetter not too long ago, when i played the part in question i would land my ring finger on the 11 and slide to the 7th on the D string. This will put ur index finger on the 5th fret to do the slide to the 7th on the E