I'm after a small combo that isn't too expensive.

2 channels

20w or above...Preferebly 30w

I have a laney aor 50w head and 2x12 cab but its too big to take everywhere!

I don't have the orange in my sig btw.

UK...willing to go used

I play rock pretty much. Check out our music for reference at www.staceyandthefreeloaders.co.uk

Thanks, Luke
laney lionheart?
one of the terrors?
vox ac15c1 (better yet, the handwired if you can afford it)
laney cub 12r
vht lead 20
orange ad30r

Pretty much anything higher than 15 watts with a 12" speaker is back breaking in combo form.

You dont really want a 2 channel combo thats 20 watts and you deffinately want one of those little matamp heads.

Stick it in your bag and carry around a 1x12.
Cheers for the info I'll check everything else out.

Do you know much about the Jet City 1x12 cabs? What is the difference between the 1x12 that is on offer? As there are 2 SLIGHTLY different versions. One weighing more than the other and different enclosure.


EDIT: The cabs are called JCA12S and JCA12XS
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Peavey Classic 30?
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^^The XS cab is more compacted, and has the option between switch from open and closed back.

Also check out the Two-Rock Studio Pro Pro 22
Quote by Ghold125
^^The XS cab is more compacted, and has the option between switch from open and closed back.

Also check out the Two-Rock Studio Pro Pro 22

Cool thanks

I need it for band practice and smalish gigs.

What one do you think would work best? I'm using my 50w aor head.

That amp looks amazing but too much for me :p


i love my dual terror, and it can get it really quiet at 7 watts as i play through most nights, and dont disturb anybody.

at 30 watts (definite preference of mine) it is very loud, you obviously have no cleans, just mild dirt, but it stays at a moderate to light dirt pretty damn loud though. the fat channel is killer and i use it for just about anything.

its a solid amp. i am definitely chose that one.

also for the record i have to compare this to the JCA2112RC, Tweaker, Renegade, Classic 30 (didn't even own that for a day, just flipped it, didn't sound terrible tthough), and quite a few others.
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