Use a metal file/sand paper on a pickup magnet?
I'm going to be doing a modification and I'll have to round off the edges of a ceramic bar magnet... just wondering if that would mess with the polarities or anything.
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why would you possibly need to do this?
and i think you shouldnt, it will effect the sound quality
also not sure why you'd need to but i imagine all the bits you'd be filing off would just stick the the magnet and it would just end up being a bit of a messy job
I've already started. It hasn't affected the magnetism of it.
I need to do it because I plan on taking out the pole pieces in a pickup, routing out one open rectangular space, and rounding off the edges so it fits into it perfectly.
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Well, I've finished it.
Rounded the edges and smoothed it out, and it's still magnetic.
Now I have to CAREFULLY route out the plastic in between the pole piece holes and hopefully have a hotter pickup.
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Why do you post asking if its ok, if you just ignore everybody anyway?

Because I'm impatient.
Maybe I want someone to come along and share a similar experience... or maybe I just like throwing my unique ideas out there.
Why do people buy Squiers and put them on a pedestal?
Why are you taking offense to my post?
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Why do people buy Squiers and put them on a pedestal?
Why are you taking offense to my post?

Why do you put irrelevant questions at the end of your post to attempt to make a point?

Generally messing with the magnet isn't the best idea, but, if you want to showcase you idea, make a thread doing so, post pictures of the process, it'll get a much better reaction than "Hey guys is it bad to file a magnet?" "Hey guys I just totally filed a magnet."

Also Squiers on a pedestal?
Squiers get tons of bad press man. Despite them being quite good (save for the standards and arguably affinities).
I plan to post a picture of the final product. I already posted a picture of the stacked humbucker I made from a normal bridge humbucker. This is a further modification to it, to achieve more output.
Because for some reason, I just cannot get a balanced middle pickup to go with my GFS pickups in the neck and bridge on my guitar.
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