Due to lack of money I am buying and Ibanez GRG270. But after a year or so, when I had enough money, I would like to go for an upgrade. I would like to replace the singlecoil in mid position by EMG SA. Haven't thought about the humbuckers at neck and bridge. So please suggest. How about Seymour Duncans? Also later on I would like to change the bridge with a Floyd Rose original, I was wondering would the guitar be worth fixing with a FR? I basically play heavy, rock and alternative. Please let me know what do you think about the upgrade? And any other customization suggestions to make it beast?
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I wouldn't put an EMG in unless you want to replace all your pups with EMGs, as having one active pup with two passive pups makes for a rather complicated wiring setup. I would go with a set of Duncans though, do some research and find out which pups would be best for your style. The bridge upgrade sounds like a good idea, though, I'd say go for it.
if its worth it, is up to you, most important thing when customizing: do you like the neck?
because you could change all pups and other hardware to be killer but if the neck isnt right, the guitar will still suck -_-
and i go with blaaargh on the circuit, dont use passives and actives at the same time
also, try and find out what pickups your favorite guitarist uses, maybe he/she has a signature set
anyways, good luck