HELP im having a epiphone special ii electric guitar and iv'e had it for about six months now and it worked fine! untill today, when i bend my high e-string the string gets out of tune ! so i have to tune it every minute!!! !
id be so thankfull if anyone have any kind of tip.
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Are you sure you put the string on correctly? Because i reckon that your problem lies there

Most likely this, the epi les paul special has surprisingly good tuning stability for a budget guitar
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It might be gunk building up in the nut, give it a clean and put alittle graphite in the slots where the strings go so they aren't catching.
make sure the string is wrapped around the post 3 times.

if the string is brand new, give it a little time to stretch out. if it is old, replace it (and the others while your at it)

do the cleaning and graphite for the nut as outline above.

that should pretty well cover the really simple sources of tuning issues
I second string stretch or your nut needs graphite.
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Do a proper string stretch. Very few guitarists do it, but it's extremely important or guitars go easily out of tune.
well the strings i use now have been there for like month and they've worked fine till now ;( i asked a guy i know and he said it had someshing to do with the shape of the neck , could it be so? btw thanks to everyone who post here and want to help me :P
you most likely put the string on wrong. I always wrap mine around 3 times around the tuning peg and then I stretch the strings out after they're on so they stay in tune better.
Try stretching the string after tuning, then retune if necessary and repeat until it doesn't go off tune.

I do that with all my instruments
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thanks alot techoguyx! it helped and i don't have the problem anymore! thanks to everyone evolving !!