Alright I'm trying to do a pull off on my E string, but I accidentally hit my A string no matter what.

I tried doing it slow, and unless I actually pull on the string a bit theres almost no sound from the pull off, and when I pull on the string I hit that A string to. Does anyone have any advice on how I can pull off on the E string and still have it make a decently audible sound?
practice, arch your fingers more, and just control your fingers more its hard at first but you'll get it right
COmment above + practice to mute correctly.
All great guitarists can play clean without accidently making notes ring into eachother.
So I suggest you to practice it right away.
Any reff to what your fingers are suppose to look like, or how its suppose to move because no matter what i do even as slow as possible, I still hit that A string, unless I just come off the string without really pulling it and it makes no noise at all.
curve your fingers, play with the tip of your fingers not the pad.. practice it slowly.. practice it a billion times till you master it problem solved.. try classical left hand technique.. helps a lot in playing cleaner and faster..
You need to mute the strings below using your left index finger. It should be lightly touching all the strings below the string you're pulling off on, enough to keep them from sounding. Left hand muting is something almost every guitarist needs more of. It's something I need to work on a lot (especially working to mute the string ABOVE the one I'm on, thanks FP haha).