I have been seeing more and more about guerilla guitars. Has anyone actually seen/played one in person? They look badass. I'm considering getting a 7 string, and was going to go that rought, if I could get THAT kind of funds up. (Don't tell the little woman though )
I have heard really good things as well, but they seem a little too expensive. Especially when you can get an ESP standard series or DBZ standard for about 1000 bucks less.
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omfg i totally forgot about that, you sir are jesus christ.
they're great!!! the owner is my friends cousin. their perfect for metal
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My buddy has one, it was such a pos we took it apart, repainted, scalloped fretboard on a new neck, new floyd, pickups, and its still a pile of garbage. It is pretty old though, maybe one of the first they made...
I don't know maybe I'll get a Jackson 7string. The Guerillas seem cool, but just too ****ing expensive