I finally got my Squier Classic Vibe 60s Jazz!!!!!!!!!!!! Ive been playing it for the past hour. I love it! I never cared for Jazz Basses until I played one of these in a GC. Amazing feel (but then again I only have cheap P Basses to compare it to).

Very nice! HNBD! Enjoy it!
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Use that finger rest much? You get a reeeeeeaall deep tone if you pick with your thumb.
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These are stunning basses, may she serve you well. HNBD!
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Classic Vibes are awesome, I especially love the tinted gloss necks.

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congrats - i bet it sounds as good as it looks!
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Thanks everybody!

Yeah it sounds nice. I'm not digging the strings, though. I'm used to flats but I was planning on leaving the rounds on it, but now Im thinking not so much.

And yea, the tinted neck and headstock look killer!
White and tort is a fave combo of mine!

I LOVE the CV series! Happy NBD!
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Aw dang I wanted this bass haha, but I didn't like the feel of the finish.
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hnbd maam gotta love jazz basses
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